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The biweekly newsletter focuses on the most important opportunities. Mostly these are undervalued or very distressed (small cap stocks). The stock report provides you with a scenario analysis with target levels of the stock and it will provide you with an allocation suggestion for a certain portfolio type such as a defensive, neutral or offensive portfolio. You also get updates by email when interesting stock levels are being reached or when there are important company updates. (Small) value stocks get the most attention in the analyses. Next to that the focus is also on sustainable high dividend stocks which can be of interest for the dividend income investor.
Smaller sometimes illiquid stocks can provide significant opportunities as they are prone to mispricing caused by tax loss selling, illiquidity, a large stock owner getting in or out, etc.
Moreover, the newsletter also tips you on favorable option strategies. The trading ideas will always be given taking into account the current financial market landscape.

Why this newsletter?

There is a massive amount of free and paid online content to subscribe to. People without trading experience often give advice and promise you mansions and an overload of wealth. Quite often the marketing and the amount of subscriptions is more important than the quality of the advice. I started this product because I am an experienced professional trader and I like sharing the opportunities with a select group of interested people. You can benefit from my professional trading instincts/skills by reading this newsletter. The newsletter will have a maximum of 1000 subscribers; the trading ideas should not become too crowded.