Building a stock portfolio for 2021

Long-term, you need stocks

With the current low interest rates there is not much upside putting excess cash on the bank account. It is wise to spread your money over different asset classes and to be not scared to put a significant amount in stocks. Stocks do offer the best performance on the long term. People often are scared to lose money and are afraid of market crashes. Crashes will happen from time to time, but the market does always recover in the end. If you for example look at the S&P 500 total return, there has not been a decade where you would have lost money. On the short term, investing in stocks can be tricky. But on the long-term, patience will be rewarded. Even in 2020 stocks are profitable.

Selecting stocks yourself too time consuming

When you are building a stock portfolio, you have to make sure you spread your money wisely and select the ‘right’ stocks. Doing research yourself is often too time consuming and difficult to combine with a full time job. On the other hand, just trying to find trade ideas via Google is also not a good option. There is an overload of analyses and information. A lot of them is not even independent and it takes a lot of time to find valuable analyses.

Newsletter of HUbens Capital

The newsletter of  Hubens Capital is there to help you selecting stocks that have strong fundamentals and are undervalued. The newsletter shows also different risk profile portfolios. There is a portfolio for the defensive and/or neutral investor, one for the offensive investor and also a dividend portfolio. For the defensive (and neutral) investor, the focus is mostly on analyzing and selecting stocks that do not have massive price swings but are undervalued and often also pay a significant dividend. For the offensive investor, the focus is more on small caps and inefficiencies in them due to illiquidity. The dividend portfolio is mostly interesting for the ones that do like to invest in stocks but also want to receive monthly income from their portfolio.

What TO expect from the newsletter service?
  • Biweekly newsletter focusing on significant market opportunities. The newsletter shows you the reasoning behind the opportunities but evenly important how to trade them. What levels to buy (and sell) in different scenarios. The newsletter also gives you the reasoning behind certain market moves and which stocks are on the radar for the upcoming months. Every stock is classified based on the risk profile and there is a recommendation for how much to maximumly have in a portfolio. The newsletter contains also the current recommended portfolio stocks for the different type of investors. Obviously you can make your own choices and do not need to adhere to the portfolio.
  • Email updates when positions are initiated, increased or reduced. There are also updates when important events in one of the stocks are happening. Like earnings that shock the stock price, insider buying, etc.

If you become a member and the newsletter service does not suit you, you can cancel at any time without cost. The first month is a ‘trial’ for which you only pay 1 euro. After the first month you do pay 19.95 per month. You can reduce this amount by bringing more members in. Every new member that you bring in reduces your monthly subscription with 5 euro. In the worst case you do not like the stock selections and trade ideas and it has cost you only 1 euro!

If there are any questions, feel free to reach out to Hubens Capital (

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