Slow silent trade war

Trump and Xi are openly not well communicating about the trade war. Xi is mentioning that China and the US should strengthen communication on strategic issues to avoid misjudgement. Trump on the other hand keeps on claiming that China really wants to make a deal and that the US does not need to, only if it is a great deal for the US. Trump is also not clear what will happen to the possible new tariffs that start on the 15th of Dec.

There is uncertainty around the trade war but the markets do know this. It would limit a bit the potential for much further upticks. On the other hand, strong downticks can definitely happen. But the low interest rates and the active central banks will probably keep the stock market going fine. There is just not an interesting alternative for investing your money in stocks.

Next to that, Trump is also getting pushed around a bit by CEOs of the big US companies. Tim Cook from Apple has had many discussions with Trump. Trump understands his tariff actions might hurt the US economy and their big companies quite hard. Trump currently thinks about a possible tariff exemption for Apple. Where Trump was very impulsive in the beginning of the trade war, it seems he is using a bit more rationale last weeks. He probably finally experiences that his implusive actions do not always help the calmness and the quality of the stock market and the US economy.

Tesla’s Cybertruck

Silent markets, but something more interesting was the presentation of Tesla’s electrical truck. Elon Musk presented this Cybertruck that should get on the market in 2022 or so. If Tesla is still solvable at that time… The truck gets to 97km/h within 2.9 seconds, should be more or less impossible to destruct and should be able to tow up to 6350 kilos. Moreover one should be able to drive 400kms on a full charge. Watch the video below and enjoy. Some people believe it is a joke. You never know with Mr Musk.

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